Vietnam Coffee Republic (VCR) is a specialty coffee roaster in Sai Gon (Vietnam) where "has been a best kept secret for the caffeine-addicted. Tucked away in Saigon’s Japanese quarter between Le Thanh Ton and Thai Van Lung streets, it’s become the go-to place for a perfectly prepared, made-to-measure brew...
... To celebrate the new outpost, VCR commissioned a team of Saigon’s finest creatives to add to the livery of the location, producing a series of characters to highlight the brand’s spiritual journey through coffee, and exhibiting some artful photography. Involved were Tien Vo, our very own Insta Elite, who took care of art direction; Monkey Minh, who took the photo’s; and Vu Dinh Kinh Luan, a soft-sculpture artist who recently snatched the top prize at Takashima/Saigon Center’s rose competition.

Entitled ‘Republic - The Still Life’, the photoshoot evokes a sophisticated naivety common in contemporary fashion product shoots. According to Tien, the idea was to channel the tangible feeling any artist has inside the studio, charcoal in hand, mind focused, ready to create that all-important first stroke on the canvas. It’s their attempt at elevating the art of coffee, very much in keeping with the ethos of the Vietnam Coffee Republic guys themselves." - (Any Arena)

Client: Vietnam Coffee Republic

Art Direction: Tien Vo

Set Design: Truc Vo (Nau)

Photographs: Monkey Minh

Assistant: Tin Le

Retouch: Tien Phuc