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Quirky tales and imaginative visuals are told by Saigon's authors

"The Alphabet I Found in Mom's Kitchen" is an unusual and imaginative journey of a naive little boy to his mother's kitchen from A to Z through brightly colored images and rhymed proses. The journey shows that things might look different to a child. It's a wonderful tour not only children but grown-ups will enjoy taking.

The book has been published by Kim Dong Publishing House in March 2017 and was chosen to join the Bologna Children's Book Fair, Italy (3-6 April 2017), the largest and certainly the most important international trade show and book fair dedicated to children’s books.

This debut children book is the collaboration of Tiên Võ & Trúc Võ (Võ Nguyễn Studio) with Nguyễn H. Vũ

Tiên Võ is a maker of beautiful things, including her son, Will the Explorer. "The Alphabet I Found in Mom's Kitchen" was in embryo at the time she was expecting the child. Tiên typifies Vietnam's growing breed of creative "slashies": art director/ author/ illustrator. Tiên's works got featured on ELLE Magazine, ELLE Decoration Magazine, AnyArena, Designboom - just to name a few. Tiên finished half marathon twice. Three times, if the process of making this book is counted.

Nguyễn H. Vũ made his debut as a fiction writer in 2000, on his parents' blackboard. The story was about a boy named Louis, his grumpy brother and a yellow thread - that's all the author can remember. It was a bestseller across the room for a while, which pleased Vũ so much that he decided to write this one 16 years later. Vũ has won a few creative awards such as Young Bloods, Vietnam PR Concepts and Spikes Asia. Most of the time, he pretends to be a copywriter to mask his real job: a professional daydreamer.

Trúc Võ is a set designer and a handy girl. Among the 7 siblings in her family, she's the only one who can fix stuff when dad isn't home. Trúc believes her hands are the greatest creative tool of all. She nailed it (sometimes using a hammer) with conceptual installation projects for ELLE Magazine and a number of commercial brands. Just like her nephew, Will the Explorer, Trúc makes explorations in her attic studio every day.


Tiên Võ, Nguyễn H. Vũ, Trúc Võ


Publisher: Phạm Quang Vinh
Chief editor: Vũ Thị Quỳnh Liên
Editor: Vũ Chí Hiếu
Proofreader: Daniel Almon, Đắc Quý
Design by: Võ Nguyễn Studio
Photographs by: Monkey Minh
Authors photograph by: Trang J. An