P for The Purpose Group

Following previous year when Tiên art directed for The Purpose Group logo, played fun around letter P, this year Tiên & Trúc decided to have even more fun in a higher level of execution and art direction, and with help from a young talented team they came out with a stunning result.

These artworks come across The Purpose Group website, their notebook and other merchandises.





In this interesting project, we hands-on everything, like painting stuffs, building sets, making patterns...

It costed 1 month, 1 room of 24m2, 7 designers & art person, 14 hands, over 200 objects and a lot of fun.

The music: Rocket Ship by San Cisco.


Tien Vo: Creative direction / Art direction

Truc Vo: Set design / Props styling

Ngan Vo: Colour direction / Design / Props styling

Ngoc Merino: Props design / Industrial design / Props making

Quoc Trang Pham: Props design / Industrial design / Props making

Khanh Nguyen: Props design / Industrial design / Props making

Nguyen Viet Khang: Props design / Props making

Ngoc Nguyen & Thuy Huynh: Retouching / DI

Frameworld: Photography